Petition for Zero % Tariff on Lithium ion Battery Storage.

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Light Up A Precious Life started this petition to Minister of Finance Nigeria

We want to thank the Minister for reducing the tariffs on solar panels based on our last petition. We would also have loved to see a zero % on all panels.

We are asking for elimination of tariffs on Lithium ion batteries because they are our only current hope in bridging the kilowatt divide. Yes! we now have an opportunity to leapfrog darkness using Lithium ion Batteries. We believe that there are several good policies being implemented, but storage is the key of keys. These are the same batteries that solve the power problem in South Australia to the surprise of many experts around the world.

We believe this will also help restart the economy after this second wave of COVID-19 by providing much needed energy to power individuals, companies and institutions.

These batteries have 10years warranty compared to 2+ years of lead acid which is the reason most solar projects fail and are abandoned.
Users are also afraid of the high recurrent cost to replace the batteries. They are also less harmful to the environment than Lead acid batteries.

In Nigeria we are losing more lives due to Electricity than to Malaria. Our health facilities do not even work.  Our industry is dead or moved out of country.

Why? Because of what I call the Kilowatt divide.

As you can see from the chart above, kilowatt divide for Nigeria is massive.

We have a population of 178 million which some estimate now stands at 200 million and we have only 11,000MW of installed capacity. On a good day, we do just 5,000MW.
We believe we will overcome this challenge.

The solution is DSEA : "Decentralization, Storage, Efficiencies and Artificial Intelligence are keys to bridging the #kilowattdivide while reducing our carbon footprint." ©2018 Joseph Inyang

Today Storage is the Key of keys. The BEST storage is Lithium ion.
That is why we have worked as experts and advocates to explore both repurposed and virgin batteries as solutions to our #kilowattdivide.

Just like in Australia, we have to the amazement of experts, shown in several off grid Medical Centers that Lithium ion batteries have the ability to solve our deepest energy problems.

Mothers and babies lives have been saved! People have been made WHOLE at a relatively low cost compared to running on diesel 24/7!! Carbon footprint has reduced!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!