Atleast 8​.​5% interest on small savings for Senior Citizens!

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 A small but significant group of middle class senior citizens live on the interest they earn on life savings. Having worked in private sector that didn't give adequate terminal benefits, the only source is the interest on savings to meet all expenses including medical post retirement.. We paid substantial income tax during service that never assured social security. We pay toll, road tax, cess for education.and swatch bharat and gst on everything we buy.

Most of us,  were from service industry in low paying jobs like teachers, nursing staff, health workers, lowly paid executives etc. They strengthened social infrastructure and shared social responsibility. After years of service, we deserved better in our twilight years!

At 10-9% interest, we were comfortable with some of us still paying income tax.

We need atleast 8.5% interest across all small savings.

This is not about just today! It's going to be an ongoing story for generations, if governments go not protect!

It is time that we petition the government to protect us, the citizens from loosing our economic sustenance.

Let our old-age be not a burden and life of regret!