Save family from being killed

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Emergency call for solidarity with Adam’s family.

After fleeing their country Sudan, Mr. Adam’s family arrived in Canada as refugees in 2016, fearing that the husband would lose his life, as he was persecuted, arrested and threatened by the Sudanese security forces elements. Also, the family feared that their daughter would be subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) along with constant threats of violence with no protection. Nevertheless, the Canadian government has served them with a deportation order.

The family is comprised of Hassan Adam, the husband, Entisar Hamid the wife, Sons Mohamed and Yamen and daughter Mayar. One of the sons, namely Yamen is autistic. Adam’s family is now known, even for the Sudanese security forces, to be in Canada, if they go back home, they are going to risk the father’s life, destroy their daughter’s health and compromise their son’s, Yamen, mental development. 

In their community of origin, FGM is still commonly practiced, despite the act being illegal at the national level. When she was born, Mayar, the daughter, was known to be at extreme risk. The act is deep rooted in the Sudanese culture, especially in the rural areas. Resisting the leaders of the family and community and attempting to remove their daughter from this situation put the whole family at risk. They travelled to other parts of Sudan seeking refuge to no avail. Worse yet, they knew that anywhere they settled in Sudan, the family members would constantly be a target because of their defiance and thus, they could never truly escape harm.

Under the aforementioned circumstances, the family was left with no choice but to secure passage out of the country. The family made it to Canada where they applied for refugee status. The family is living in Hamilton, Ontario ever since, and they have built a life for themselves here. The children attend local public school. Also, Mr. Adam has been working tirelessly to support his family in Canada.

The Canadian government intends to deport the family and has already confiscated their health cards and immigration ID cards leaving them to utmost stress. 

The family submitted an application for humanitarian and compassionate considerations and are waiting for a response. We believe that this family’s case is very clear, especially for the sake of the children and their safety. Mr. Adam is an activist who contributed to Sudanese community political and social activities and organizations.

Based on the above, we call on all concerned individuals to support the cause by signing this petition, which will be distributed to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Minister of Immigration and Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

It’s time for us to come together and stand up for a family in need, this issue is of utmost importance and we must act now!