Place more speed monitors in South African National parks and increase speeding penalties.

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South African National Parks are amongst the world’s greatest wildlife-watching destinations. The largest, Kruger National Park, is nearly 2 million hectares so just about bigger than Israel. It’s filled with the wonderful creatures, the Big Five and many other amazing animals, birds and more wildlife. For many visitors it’s a place to find peace and quiet and to enjoy true nature in it’s raw form. For the animals, it’s their home. It’s a place to respect. 

This petition is against those who do not respect wildlife, nature and visitors inside these parks. So many animals have been hit, injured and killed by speeding cars, buses and vans. Speed limits are clearly stated on the roads yet instances of reckless speeding are witnessed too often in all of the parks. This unacceptable behaviour has led to heartbreaking sights on the roads...the latest a pregnant impala being hit by a car on a main road in Kruger Park, her unborn baby ripped from her womb.

All South African’s National Parks should be kept safe for their precious wildlife. We therefore request the Parks authorities to provide an increased number of Park speed monitors and increase the penalties for those who are caught speeding in the National Parks.