Unusual rain with white powder like particles at Udupi on 03-08-2018

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This is to bring to your kind notice that many parts of Udupi had unusual rain with white powder like particles depositing on vehicles and vegetation on 03-08-2018. This was salty in taste and had pungent smell.

Media has reported that this might be due to fly ash particles released from UPCL, Nandikooru, which is a thermal power plant that produces fly ash as its by-product.

Media has also reported that the local Pollution Control Board official has told them that they will collect the sample only if they receive some complaint on the issue, which is ridiculous.  They should have collected the sample immediately after media reporters informed them about the issue, as the rain and the suspicious particles deposited won’t wait for these officials. If these samples are not yet collected, We hereby request you to take necessary action against the officials concerned for dereliction of their duty.

UPCL Authorities have told the press that they DO NOT release any pollutants to the environment, which is not fact. Their own reports submitted to your department say that PM (fly ash) is being released to the environment within permissible limits. Their real time data on environment parameters show that today’s (04-08-2018 at 10.45 am) is very high when compared to their annual average. 

Based on these facts, we hereby request you to take necessary action in this regard immediately and assure us, Udupi citizens, a safe and healthy environment.


1. Please arrange to examine the cause for unusual rain at Udupi on 03-08-2018 and make it public.
2. Please let the public know, what was that particle which came down with rain and deposited on vehicles, roofs, vegetation etc.
3. Please take necessary action against local Pollution Control Board officials, if there is any dereliction of duty.
4. Please make sure that the environment pollution monitoring equipments at UPCL, Nandikooru are properly calibrated and are fit for work.
We hereby request you to take necessary action in this regard immediately, in the interest of the health and safety of the citizens of Udupi.