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Our village OKKAL, is a green village near the birth place of ADISANKARA and in the banks of river Periyar. Our Panchayath is OKKAL GRAMA PANCHAYATH. We are the people residing in ward XV. Many public institutions and offices function in this ward, like Okkal SN higher secondary school and Okkal govt LPschool. All these are in the banks of river Periyar. Now two factories are functioning in the residential area polluting the air and water. River Periyar is the main source of water in the region. Many people near the factories left the place due to drinking water pollution.  Majority of them facing lung problems too due to air pollution. We have submitted so many petitions to the authorities including the  chief minister of kerala  but haven't got any reply so far. Now other three factories are ready to start. The construction of the proposed factories is going on by encroaching the banks of periyar. People in the village are depending the river for their needs. We filed petition before the Grama Panchayath to stop the construction of the new factories and take action against the pollution caused by the existing factories, but the authorities are  keeping silence. If  urgent and proper action is not taken, the sacred river periyar will die. People of the village become patients .This is the tear of our villagers.  We humbly request our brothers and sisters to support this to protect our village and the river. Also help our children to breath good air and drink pure water.