Let’s help to introduce safer labour contracts based on smart-contracts all over the world

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We propose to introduce an alternative for the conclusion of employment agreement and payment of salaries in the cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology and the creation of smart contracts (smart contracts, the terms of which neither side can not forge) will allow significantly increase the employee's guarantees.

Such an initiative is based on statistics. For July 2017, the number of crypto-owners was measured up to 12 million. Moreover, this number is increasing day by day. Due to this fact, we understand that expanding the range of services in cryptocurrency is becoming a necessary measure. Soon, electronic money can become a state currency in a number of countries that are already loyal to them. Thus, the chance that wages will be realized in cryptocurrency becomes real.

We have already applied to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of several countries: Russia, Georgia, Estonia, Republic of Latvia and Republic of Lithuania. Let's support this initiative around the world and show that this is relevant. We consider the importance of this issue to be high and therefore decided to proclaim it at the level of the petition.

Why is a labor contract on a smart contract safer for employees? The employment agreement on a smart contract will allow to transfer wages in cryptocurrency (at the request of the employee), to ensure that the employer fulfills all arrangements, since the change of the contract is impossible without the consent of the employee. It guarantees the transfer of wages in full and in pre-agreed amount, exactly in the period specified in the contract without a single delay.

Certainly, many things are put under the law, but their implementation on a smart contract will not allow the employer to avoid fulfilling its obligations, as unscrupulous employers sometimes do.

The initiator of the petition is MyWish platform. MyWish are ready to act as a technical consultant in this matter. Currently, the platform is developing this contract and it will be available on the site. In the very near future, all supporters will have the opportunity to test and use a smart contract. Below we provide a link to the MyWish platform.

We plan that the Ministers of many countries around the world who are loyal to the cryptocurrency will see the number of votes for this petition.

Dear crypto-owners and potential users of cryptocurrency! Please, support with your voice the introduction of reliable labor contracts on smart contracts in your country. Let us be socially responsible and ready for the coming changes in the world!


Vladimir Tikhomirov

CEO of MyWish

On behalf of the entire Russian blockchain community