Save our East End English Language Schools

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The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, is looking to take three of the EMSB’s east-end schools for September 2019 in order to deal with the overcrowding in the Commission Scolaire Point de L’île (CSPI) (French sector). This overcrowding in the French sector is the result of the adoption of the Charter of the French Language, otherwise known as Bill 101 adopted in1977, which in part stipulates that children who’s parents didn’t attend an English-language school are obligated to send their children to a French-language school. Not only has this bill stripped parents their essential right to be able to choose their child’s language of instruction, but it is the reason why there is overcrowding in the French system. 

The concerned parents, teachers, staff and obviously the children of these three schools are in shock at the sudden and forceful demand from M. Roberge that the EMSB make a decision by June 10th as to what to do about this problem or else he WILL take General Vanier elementary and John Paul I middle school in Saint-Leonard, and Gerald McShane elementary in Montreal-North. This announcement has left the community in shock, disbelief, sadness and outrage. These English schools are staples of their community and provide outstanding educational programs for our youth; to take it away from them would be detrimental to their overall health and well-being, without a doubt. This is not just a numbers game - there is much more at stake.

There must be a better solution than to usurp three schools. Let’s work towards a win-win scenario that allows us to keep our schools all the while helping to alleviate the lack of space issues for the other children who also deserve to have educational facilities that are conducive for learning. Sign the petition and share it if you wish to support the conservation of these three schools, to find a win-win solution and to keep our English schools alive and well in our communities.