Incorporating Mandatory Teachings of Racial Identity and Diversity in Ontario Curriculums

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      We are asking students and parents to sign this petition today to address issues pertaining to racism and oppression towards certain races, minority groups and religions that exist within our Ontario Education System. As the protests in the United States are rising against police brutality, Anti-Black Racism and the historically-rooted systemic oppression against the black community in particular, we as Canadians must recognize that these kinds of injustices exist in our systems as well. Big or small, actions must be taken to address such issues and propose potential solutions.

      This petition proposes a demand for incorporating the teaching of modern history regarding racism in elementary and secondary school curriculums. For Secondary Education, a suggestion that can be made is for the History course, that is taken in Grade 10, to be revised and include topics such as: progression of systemic racism throughout history and its development into present society, police brutality, and successful people of colour in history. This could be a mandatory part of the curriculum for secondary school students in order to receive a high school diploma.

      For elementary education, we ask that there be more units and discussions utilized to teach about diversity throughout social studies subjects. While many issues may be too sensitive for children, introducing topics involving: coloured humanitarian activists, successful people of colour in history, and racial equality, would be beneficial. Such topics provide an informative way to introduce cultural diversity and the acceptance of others in society. Lessons on beauty standards and the cultural differences within those standards can be taught through health courses. Pertaining to older grades, in-depth education on the progression of racism, not only teaches students about North American history but also introduces them to some Human Rights issues still present in society today. 

This ensures every child is taught the facts about racism in a school setting, as many households do not or are unable to educate their children on these topics. Educating the youth leads to shaping a better future as we are eliminating systemic and covert racism from our society.