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CANADIAN SCHOOLS Stop divide society by religion for the future generations!

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Since Canada has been promoted as a multicultural society along side with the secular environment for decades all Canadians who have the different belief backgrounds live peacefully and comfortably without feeling excluded under the Maple leaf flag. 

One religious activity was moved out because of being unconstitutional and now installing another religious activity!  Why would Canada be going backward??

  Installing another religion in school.

When I first (recently) learned that the schools in Ontario provided prayer spaces or rooms for some groups of students, who believed in a particular religion, I was shocked…I couldn’t believe it this would happen in this country! Since my son has been in the public school at the first elementary school grade 1 – 6 and two years in the Kindergarten, and the second elementary school grade 7 - 8. I haven’t heard of any religious activity in school (from his two schools) – my son never feels he is different than other schoolmates, he sometimes invites his school friends to our house and sometimes be invited… including me we feel we are all the same Canadians..we parents often have a chance gathering without a boarder of beliefs because we keep the religious matters as a personal private matter. We don’t feel like you belong to that group or organization I belong to this group…why would the schools and government train youngsters (that) they have a group or belong to a certain group in schools?! How would you be so sure this activity will create a harmonious society in the future?

 From my experiences throughout my son’s two schools, children can get influences from their schoolmates or classmates easily. As a mother I don’t introduce Buddhism to my son at home (I think) so that he will have a chance to choose his own faith himself when he is mature. Since I learned that this activity, the prayers, happened at schools, it raises a question...why would the schools and government do this to our vulnerable young people?!

Although this campaign is very critical for the current atmosphere of Trumpophobia and Islamophobia but this interest is for the society at large. 

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