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Teach Empathy in High School

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Poverty, xenophobia, racism, and sexism. These problems persist, in part, because many people do not accept that the problems even exist. If we ever want to bridge societal divides, this lack of empathy must be addressed. Privileged people will have to consider life standing in less fortunate shoes.

So, let's make everyone confront inequality, in a safe environment where misconceptions can be challenged without imposing permanent costs. This petition calls on teachers, school boards, and the Minister of Education to add six new assignments to high school Careers and Civics curricula:

  1. Make a monthly budget for someone living on minimum wage.
  2. Make a monthly budget for someone living on welfare or disability pay.
  3. You are a recent immigrant. How do you get citizenship?
  4. You are an indigenous person living on a reserve. How do you register to vote?
  5. You have been denied a job because of the colour of your skin. What do you do?
  6. You are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. How do you get justice?

When students try to solve these problems, and fail, they may start to realize just how uneven the playing field is. This short video provides a more detailed motivation.

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