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Ministry Reallocation of Kamsack Schools Funds

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Greetings Fellow Taxpayers,

It has come to our attention that the Ministry of Education is re-allocating Good Spirit School Division funds for the new school in Langenburg.  These funds are protected through a long line of restrictions through two amalgamations, and designated to the two Kamsack schools: Victoria School and Kamsack Comprehensive Institute.   

At the end of 2003 and prior to the voluntary amalgamation of the Kamsack School Division and the Crystal Lakes School Division that took place on January 1, 2004, the KSD Board of Education established a number of reserves to restrict the use of a large amount of financial resources that had been developed over the preceding years to ensure they would be in place to benefit the rate payers and students of the area that was the Kamsack School Division.

Over the years between 2003 and April 2009, a large amount of the restricted reserves were drawn down and applied to projects for Kamsack students.  When the Ministry of Education applied changes in 2009 regarding mill rates and allocation of division monies, all remaining funds were then considered “Pre-2009 Capital Reserves” and once again protected from Ministry rule.  The remaining amount at the end of August 2014 was $120,000.  These funds are not spent as of yet, but are earmarked for three main projects in the Kamsack area.  The amounts are broken down as such: $50,000 Natural Gas Bus Reserve, $50,000 KCI Track Upgrades and $20,000 Victoria School Playground.

The money has not been spent yet, for in 2014 the Ministry of Education mandated the Good Spirit School Division to re-allocate this money to cover the cost of the new school, currently close to completion, in Langenburg, Saskatchewan. 

Administration at the Good Spirit School Division has, on numerous occasions, attempted to have the Ministry recognize these reserves as restricted and to leave them for the projects designated in the communities to no avail.

The Board of Education for the Good Spirit School Division, as a last attempt, had the Board Chair express the wishes on behalf of the Board and the reply did not resolve the issue. 

The taxpayers of the Kamsack area are now being called upon for support, so that the Ministry of Education, including the Minister himself, understand that they have absolutely no right to the money that was collected as School Taxes by the Kamsack School Division prior to 2003, that money lawfully belongs to the students and the taxpayers of Kamsack area, and can only be applied to projects that directly benefit the students within the area previously known as the Kamsack School Division. 

Please sign this letter to show your support of the Good Spirit School Division Kamsack Reserves using the funds, which are reserved and restricted, as they were meant to be used. 

School Community Council

Kamsack Comprehensive Institute & Victoria School


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