Save Shanty Bay P.S

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As per the recent SCDSB Capital Plan, there is currently a contingency plan in place for Shanty Bay PS stating:

“Shanty Bay PS was assessed through the Ministry of Education facility audit program in 2017. The facility condition audit has indicated that 70% of the components of Shanty Bay PS have reached their expected life cycle, deeming the building “Prohibitive to Repair”.  

If any of these components fail, the school may need to be closed without notice or formal  closure procedures. All property value within the school's attendance area will be negatively impacted, due to the lack of a local elementary school for current and future property owners and business use. 

We would like to see, at the very least, that the Board follow the formal Accommodation Review Process that includes an ARC and community engagement. During the process we would like to see the Board maintaining the school, something they have not been doing well over the past several years. We would also like to gain a better understanding of all the options that have been considered and possibly provide some alternatives. Ideally, we do not just want Shanty Bay PS to stay open but rather become a showcase of sustainability and innovation. 

We are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to ensure a formal accommodation process review is completed for Shanty Bay PS that includes an area review committee (ARC) and that the school be open at least until it is completed no matter what maintenance is required.