Support Full-Day Kindergarten & Caps on class sizes in Ontario

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Dear Lisa M Thompson: 

We must invest in our children’s future instead of squandering it. Full-day kindergarten with proper class sizes is non negotiable in the eyes of parents with young children. 

The social, cognitive and emotional development that comes from having children in full-day kindergarten has been proven in numerous studies. But I don’t need studies. I have two living and breathing examples of just how vital it really is. 

My eldest, now 8, Nathan, is excelling, which is a direct result of having access to full-day kindergarten. He began reading in grade one and is thriving in grade 3 today because of this solid foundation. He was doing things in grade 1 that my generation was doing in grade 3!

My middle child Tyler is a late bloomer who took the past 5 months of JK to find some confidence to believe in himself enough to want to practice writing his letters. 5 months ! Of full days! Are you going to tell me that you want to take away hours a day so our children can begin learning vital life skills later ? 

Because I have one more child—Chase is 2.5 and he is bright and curious and eager to learn. In fact, he’s very advanced and despite not being toilet trained yet he would be more than ready for all that full-day JK has to offer. 
But now I hear he may not be given the same opportunity that both of his brothers have been given. And that is not okay with me! 

You see I am a high school teacher and I see the gaps in some children’s education. I see grade 9 and 10 students reading at a grade 5 level. Full-day kindergarten assists in our children gaining vital literacy and numeracy skills, and in identifying early learning challenges. 

In addition, the curriculum at the senior academic grades is much more rigorous today then it was when I was in high school in the early 90s. 

The competition for university entrance is fierce and anxiety is very high. If these are the expectations placed on our teens then why would we take away educational opportunities at a time when all the wires in the developing brain are being born? 

This is not a time to take steps back. This is a time to keep on moving forward towards progression so that our students can thrive socially, emotionally and cognitively. 

The future of our children does not come down to a bottom line. There is no monetary value to be placed on it because education is invaluable. But your government is too shortsighted to see that. 

Does your government see the increase in mental health issues pervading our teens of today ? Arming our children with the tools necessary to have a chance of succeeding in this competitive and results driven society is not a choice —it’s a right ! 

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson
TDSB High School Teacher 

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