Keep the revised Ontario sex education curriculum

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Children, whether we like it or not, are exposed to a wide range of sexual content on the Internet from a very young age. The decision not to evolve the health curriculum to reflect the world in which these children are growing up is, I believe, negligent, and will result in a range of negative outcomes for some children, including:


- boys and girls not understanding consent
- boys and girls feeling empowered to bully or harass sexual minorities (reference: racial tension in US since 2016 election as racists feel emboldened by words and deeds of sitting President)
- children not understanding typical sexual development and understanding what is happening to their bodies as they move through adolescence
- children feeling ashamed or isolated as a result of their sexual orientation or how their bodies are developing

Minister, the reality of sex is not something we need to shield our children from. Sex is part of a healthy and happy life, and is a biological imperative, like food, water, and sleep. Politicizing objective health-oriented information is simply wrong, and the children that will be most affected by this decision are innocents in this political game.

Please reconsider this decision and ensure that our children receive objective, age-appropriate, factual, complete and timely information about human anatomy, sexuality, sexual health and sexual diversity.

Our children deserve better.