Help make our schools become a safe zone for all children

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It has come to our attention that there has been a severe increase in bullying in the NLESD schools, along with physical violence and the staff are very limited in what they are able to do about the situation.

We have created a group on Facebook and have gotten a very high response rate in regards to making a change within the school system to not only stop current bullying but also to help prevent future bullying situations.

Our hope with this petition is to get the NLESD policy against bullying changed to a 3 strikes your out type of policy along with installing preventative measures such as when a child is showing signs of being a bully he or she should receive counselling (anger management) to help that child learn how to deal with the underlying cause as to why they are behaving in such a manner in the first place.

We would also like to see a mandatory anger management seminar introduced to the schools to teach children how to deal with their feelings/anger issues one week out of a year starting at grade 6.

There should also be sessions scheduled with parents of both the bully and the victim's parents to discuss what can be done to prevent further bullying such as having the children sit and talk about what has been going on and explain that bullying would not be tolerated and that they should try and find some common interests and if they simply cannot get along they should just stay away from each other instead of picking on one another.