Fairness for Kindergarten And Primary Students - Reduce, DON’T Increase Cap Sizes

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Our most vulnerable students are at risk!!  The Ontario Government and the Education minister want to increase classroom cap sizes for students ages 3-8. This is totally unacceptable!!  Children and teachers are already under stress with the current class sizes. I am a retired kindergarten teacher, and I know, firsthand, that this would be detrimemental to our youngest students. Children often come to school with very few skills. They don’t know how to line up. They need time to learn routines, taking turns, sharing, showing empathy, kindness and caring for materials. On top of this, there is a very demanding curriculum for reading, writing, math, science, arts, etc. Students have toileting issues, behaviour issues, anxiety issues, impulsivity issues and special needs (often they have not been identified, at this stage).  Their spontaneous nature is both a joy and a curse, at this stage. Students often show the emotion they are feeling, in the moment. If they are angry, some students hit or scream out. If they are sad, they cry. They need a nuturing adult to help them manage their feelings. If a teacher had 29 in the class, s/he does not have the time to do this. Lastly, 29 students becomes a safety issue. Some students “bolt” or “run.”  To them this is in response to something they are upset about, or it may be a game.  Parents:  PLEASE speak out for your child’s education. Do not let the Ontario Government and the Ministry do this to your children!!!  Enough is enough!  

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