Early Learning Educators are ESSENTIAL! Continue with the essential worker top-up!

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Early learning educators have recently been deemed essential in the eyes of the government. The world needs us to help re-open the economy and the world needs us to provide a safe environment for children while many parents return to their careers. Without us, this wouldn’t be possible. 

We as educators are facing a tough and challenging time. We are scared, stressed, and over worked by the extra duties we now must complete throughout our day. We are providing full service care for the young minds we teach and, we are providing a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for families and friends to seek comfort in while parents and guardians return to work. 

On Friday, September 4th, educators will be losing their essential worker top-up, something that none of us are ready to give up anytime soon. We are still expected to clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces, toys, cubbies, doorknobs and, much, much more twice daily while still complying with the curriculum guidelines. Nothing in our day has changed. We are the front-line workers who are essential in providing care so that the world can once again open up and people can start feeling safe again. 

Please join me in the fight to continue the essential worker top-up for early learning educators and please sign this petition. Share it with your friends and family because we are important and we deserve more.

The kids always knew we were essential and now the world knows! #childcareproviders

Remember that YOU are important, YOU matter and, YOU have one of the most important careers in the world! We are shaping young minds, hearts and souls!

Thank you!