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Eliminate Diploma Exams in Alberta and help raise awareness about standardized testing

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Are diploma exams as necessary as they are made out to be? Do they contribute to student academic development, or do they simply increase student pressure? The Alberta curriculum in Canada consists of final exams created by professional experienced teachers and officials called Diploma exams. These exams are conducted all throughout Alberta to test the level of competency and understanding of each student and school in the province. They are 30% of a student's grade - a decrease from the previous 50%. The time provided is 6 hours - an increase from the previous time of 3 hours. The questions are multiple choice - a “blessing” for students stressing to write short answers on the diploma. There are so many modifications made to almost insignificantly alleviate student stress, but the diploma is never rid of. The main cause of the anxiety, depression, and stress amongst students - the diploma - is never completely rid of. These few pieces of paper lock students in a room to determine if the students are worthy of pursuing a career or profession, and then universities and colleges observe the student diploma mark to determine whether the individual survived to “qualify” for their dream profession. Since when were there requirements for dreams? These very dreams sizzle and die for students that are either too anxious to pass the exams, or are not able to present their knowledge and intelligence in the manner that the diploma asks. These few papers are the decision makers that ruin lives, whether students pass or not. Let’s not limit the students to one way of presenting knowledge, or as some may say, let’s not limit the students for mere profit made from their sufferings.

The following subjects have diplomas:

Chemistry 30

Physics 30

ELA 30 (-1, -2, -4)

Biology 30

Math 30 (-1,-2,-3)

Social 30 (-1,-2,-4)

Science 30

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2. We can initiate a plan to help our students better perform in the educational system.

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