Cut down university fees if the next semester is going to be online!

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Online classes are not the same as physical classrooms. Students are unable to understand a lot of concepts which they would otherwise have no issues with. On top of this, we pay universities for campus facilities, not for sit-at-home classes, and yet they are charging us the same - if not more - amount as they were charging us previously with physical classrooms. Another factor is that of the devices i.e. laptops for not everyone can afford these especially in a country like Pakistan where we have limited resources and one person providing for a family of approximately 6 to 7 people. This pandemic has negatively affected the world economy pushing many countries into a recession which means that every person has felt the backlash. It is, therefore, our humble request as students that university fees be cut down by a significant proportion to compensate for the online classes which are nothing compared to actual classrooms and parents be given some relief in this time of hardship.