Indian Tax payer social security

Indian Tax payer social security

5 January 2020
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minister of economy
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Why this petition matters

On Behalf of entire TAX payers community,


Dear Finance Minister & PMO,

You are fully aware that, Tax Payers has been contributing significant amount, more than 30%, of their earnings to nation building irrespective of their personal situations. This continuous supply of revenue helped nation build civil and defense infrastructure, provide corporate and farmer subsidies. Our respected Prime ministers, current & previous, also acknowledged and appreciated tax payers contribution multiple times.


In the event of any unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, physical/mental disability preventing from work and emergency medical expenses going beyond one’s savings & limitations, there is no one to help.


To protect tax payers, in the hour of distress, we would like to appeal you to build a corpus fund (Tax Payers Social Security Corpus Fund) with tiny portion of every year’s contribution. A Tax payer who faces aforementioned challenges can be given a portion of what they paid earlier and tax rebate on the upcoming years based on the intensity of the situation. Eligibility guidelines and claim process can be made strong enough to help suffering tax payers and prevent any fraudulent claims.


This step, in addition to helping needy tax payer, builds trust on government and encourages citizens to pay taxes. Having a security of government’s assistance in the event of unanticipated emergencies or uncertain economic crisis, provides peace of mind to Tax Payers.

Eligibility and claim process

People who have paid taxes more than 3-5 years
Claims has to come through one’s organization to avoid fraudulent claims.
Job loss can be verified from previous organization & PF contribution.

Thanking you





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Signatures: 120Next Goal: 200
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