Awards for literary works must be decided without political considerations

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It induces pain in me. An icon of Indian culture, Krishna, is de-characterised here in this work and pictured as a mortal out of political motives. It's capable of paining any Krishna lover or devotee. Freedom of expression should not be used to induce pain in others. Krishna in millions of hearts is an idol of happiness and contentedness, he dispenses a supreme philosophy which is centred around a search or the unravelling of the quintessential identity of a human being- 'Atma'. It's being belittled and pictured as mean. The bemoaning, lamenting Krishna is unacceptable and alien to the Indian psyche. He pains a whole community. Still, awards and accolades are showered on him. At least the award given by the Guruvayoor temple using the devotee's money should be revoked. Let the awards be decided without political biases. Please revoke the decision to the conferment of Poothanm award for Shyamamadhavam.