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Force Telcos to provide guaranteed minimum coverage in urban areas.

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Around australia, customers of the major telecommunication companies are forced to stand in the 'reception corner' of their house, only take phone calls outside and put up with all sorts of reception/coverage related issues. While this is an issue around Australia, the telcos are advertising their progress in fixing black spots in rural areas. What about the black spots in urban areas? 

In the past 18 months i have been with 3 different companies, just trying to find one company that can provide constant coverage (to a minimum of one bar) for my wife and I at our home and her workplace. I have now joined Telstra as the telco with the reputation for the best network coverage - unfortunately this has not solved the problem. I have now been advised that Nundah (Qld 4012), about 10km north of the Brisbane CBD, like many other pockets of our major urban cities is unfortunately in a black spot. Unfortunately, according to two of the three telecommunication companies i have been with in the last 18 months, there is nothing that can be done about it.

I run a small business; every client phone call i miss because they can't get through costs me money or reputation. Every phone call that drops out if like today i don't want to stand outside in the rain is an embarrassment. Further, being a small business; i am left with no option but to pay a premium for telstra's services as no other telecommunication company can provide a viable solution.

Telstra's solution to this problem is for me as a customer that is already paying hundreds of dollars a month (and at a substantial price premium over their competitors) to access their network to pay an additional $960 to have a 'smart antenna' installed. I find this solution to be unacceptable.

Not only is it un-Australian for it to be acceptable for a company to charge one customer more for the same access to the same service than another customer that is not in a blackspot, it is insulting to expect the customer to pick up the bill to plug holes in their network.

I have spent 100's of hours trying to resolve this with telstra directly and with the assistance telecommunications industry ombundsman, however, I can't bear to think how many other people the telcos are frustrating with poor coverage and how many people feel helpless that there's nothing that they can do about it.

Therefore I call on the Federal Communications Minister to enact legislation that makes it a condition of licensing for telcos that a minimum guarantee of coverage to one bar inside any buildings (enough to reliably make and receive calls) is provided to all customers within urban areas. If a customer can demonstrate consistent issues with coverage at their place of residence or work that the company must assess the issue and either; upgrade the network in the location or provide supplementary hardware (i.e. the smart antenna solution provided by telstra) at no extra cost to the consumer.

I therefore ask all urban dwelling Australians that are sick of having poor network coverage and all other people that think that in 2017 poor network coverage is unacceptable to sign this petition.

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