Raise the voting ratio for trustees of small Charities to 80% in favour for any decision.

Raise the voting ratio for trustees of small Charities to 80% in favour for any decision.

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Minister of Charities & Charity Commission of England & Wales

Why this petition matters

Started by Arif Ali Hayat

Decision making is a very important matter for small non profitable charities where trustees are volunteers & not being paid for their time spent dealing with best interest of their congregational beneficiaries and donors.

Most small charities have between 5-10 trustees in the board. There are no fixed rules as to what ratio of voting is required to pass a resolution or make an important decision. Most common voting criteria used in charities is “The Majority” Rule.

The Majority rule work fine in an ideal situation where most of the trustees are sincere in their role as trustees and work in the best interest of their charity or in a larger charities.

However, in recent cases it is found that some trustees are abusing Majority voting rule for strengthening their control in the board for whatever reasons, when there is no need for it, if every one is working for the best interest of their charity. Opposition groups are formed & majority group make the other group irrelevant to the charity, minority group has no say in the charity and the Majority group do what ever they wish. This leads to wrong decisions being made, the mistakes made by wrong decisions cost charity great deal of losses, which, the donors of the charity have to bear and cause conflicts in the charities which are growing by the time in every culture, whether it is Churches, Mandirs, Temples or Mosques.

For Example; it is relatively easy to have 5 votes out of 9 votes in a group to manipulate the other 4 with mis-use of power. But if the rule can be changed to 80% in favour for any resolution or vital decisions, this way, it would not be easy to make working trustees irrelevant in the charity & this will benefit the charities overall, after-all the charity is for the benefit of its recipient and not for its trustees.

Would you support the call for change in decision making process to “require 80% votes in favour”, to make a decision or pass a resolution in small charities with 5 to 18 trustees in the board of Trust, except for minor day to day running matters.

22 have signed. Let’s get to 25!