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Unfortunately animal cruelty is something that takes place all over. Our non-profit registered charity, Paw Tipsters, was started so people can report animal cruelty. The problem is that when people are found guilty of animal cruelty, not much is done about it. We want to see Manitoba have tougher animal cruelty laws. There is no reason whatsoever that someone should be able to abuse, and torture animals, only to turn around and receive a fine, and not be able to have animals for 3 years. How about never being able to have animals again? Jail time? If there were stronger animal cruelty laws here in Manitoba, maybe people would think twice before committing these horrific acts. When somebody abuses an animal, they not only physically hurt them but they crush their spirit. We as human beings need to protect and nurture animals. They rely on us to take care of them, not hurt them. Let's lead by example here in Manitoba and give harsher punishments for people that abuse and neglect animals. Paw Tipsters relies heavily on public donations. Please consider a donation to help save animals from cruelty and neglect and receive a tax receipt for a donation of $25 and over. Thank you and the animals thank you as well.

Letter to
Province of Manitoba Minister of Agriculture- Manitoba
Manitoba needs tougher animal cruelty laws. Let's lead by example and set the bar high. If a person commits animal cruelty they need to punished. Animals need us to protect them and that is what we should do. Please pass laws to make tougher animal cruelty laws here in Manitoba.

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