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Refunds for Every Student

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During the fourth week of the College Strike, the government of Ontario announced that they will be requiring the colleges to establish a Fund for students who have suffered due to the strike.

As a third-year college student I am fuming over this announcement. Why? It’s not because I don’t want my money back. It’s not because I could have been working right now and paying my bills that are stacking up. It’s not because I have purchased textbooks and many other extraneous expenses. And no, it’s not because I am a student parent who has had to needlessly pay for childcare throughout the course of this strike. No, the reason I am angry is because this money belongs to EVERY student. Let me say that again, every - single - student. The fund is to be financed based on the wages that weren’t paid to the faculty during the course of the strike…. basically, this fund is funded off the money the students have paid for a service that wasn’t delivered. This money belongs to each student, because it’s OUR money and to say one student is going to get funding and another is not is criminal. It is not right.

Let’s look at this another way. You bought an item from Walmart. You decide to return the item. Walmart takes the item back, but when you ask for your refund they say “well we only give refunds to certain people. You must now prove how seriously you need this money and no we will not give you the option of keeping the item.”

It doesn’t matter that one student lives at home and hasn’t had to pay for rent because that same student saved every penny they earned for the past 3 years to be able to go to school. That same student has planned their finances and deserves to not be taken advantage of because of it.

There are so many hidden expenses that will never be considered such as students who purchased a car to get to school every day. Maybe they never would have bought that car and are now paying car payments and car insurance to have a vehicle sit in their driveway or worse yet, sit in the complex parking lot where they also have to make regular parking payments.

The opportunity cost of this strike for students can never be repaid. Students could have been working, travelling, visiting family, or attending important events. How can we ever quantify the significance of this strike on students and then decide which ones deserve their OWN money back and which ones will be left paying the other students?

So, I am mad. I am mad that the government wants to only help certain students based on some superficial evaluation method. I am relieved to hear that the government sees that the money needs to go back to the students, but the money needs to go back to ALL of the students.

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