In Ireland we snare badgers to vaccinate

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Across Europe and the world,  all snares have been outlawed, with and without a stop. 

"There is no such thing as a safe snare"  - Vale Wildlife Hospital

In Ireland we "Snare to Vaccinate" against TB

In an 11 year period nine hundred and thirty five 'protected' badgers suffered serious, life changing injuries in these "safe snares"

Nine hundred and thirty five 'protected' badgers with significant debilitating injuries as a direct result of being snared by the Irish

935 protected badgers maimed with Irish tax payers money

Family pets, foxes, pheasants are amongst the extra collateral damage

Please Minister Noonan, respect science and end this backward massacre 

International best practice in any vaccination program is to use a cage trap where an oral bait isn't available. The animal generally falls asleep and doesn't suffer any injury. 

Science suggests that Best practice would be to vaccinate Cows for Bovine TB. 

Compensation for TB reactors - in some cases farmers have no incentive to report TB.  As a result their slurry full of TB and is spread across the land. 

Ireland - Are you going to let this continue?

Minister Noonan, we demand an immediate end to this barbaric vaccination, Irish style.

The licence granted to the Department of Agriculture should be immediately suspended pending a full evidence based investigation