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Truck Wise: Implement a Written Off Vehicle Register for Australian Trucks

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Hundreds of Heavy Vehicles are operating on our roads every day with dangerous defects that are undetected and unregistered.

On the 31st January 2011 our Government introduced legislation which aimed to improve both road safety and consumer protection whilst also attempting to clamp down on vehicle theft, re-birthing and related crimes. Through this legislation the Written off Vehicle Register (WOVR) was introduced requiring all vehicles less than 4.5 tonnes that are involved in an accident be assessed and recorded as formally written off if the damage exceeds its market value, or repaired to industry standards. This record of damage and write-offs is available to the general public online and ensures no written-off vehicles are being patched up and put back on our roads. Unfortunately these laws do not apply to vehicles over 4.5 tonne.

There is no WOVR for trucks. Trucks that share the roads with our cars may have been involved in serious accidents, written-off, repaired poorly and placed back on our roads. Truck drivers are unknowingly driving potential death traps, owners are unknowingly purchasing poorly repaired vehicles and our families are unknowingly sharing motorways and highways with them.

We have brought this to the attention of our Government time and time again, however no action has been taken to implement a Written off Vehicle Register for vehicles over 4.5 tonne. This is why we are now taking it to you, the Australian public.

We beg you to be as outraged as we are, we ask you to care about the safety of our country's truck drivers and we encourage you to sign our petition for change.

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