Please help stop the Elder abuse in Over 55 Communities

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An estimated Twenty Thousand  vulnerable Pensioners and Self- Funded Retirees are collectively being “ripped off” a conservative figure of Six Million Dollars per year, by Park Operators.

These companies that own and operate our communities are ignoring the provisions of s 77(3) of the Residential Land Lease Communities Act 2013 and No 97 NSW and Regulations 2015.

This section of the Act states that operators must not charge residents more for the supply of a utility eg: electricity, than the amount charged to them by their provider.

When this situation arose in Queensland the Director General of the Dept of Housing and Public Works wrote to operators in that state, reminding them that the policy intent of Sect 99A of their Act, which is identical in concept to Sect 77(3) of the NSW Act, is “to prevent park owners from charging more for the supply of electricity to residents than the actual cost charged to the park owner by the retailer”

A number of residents have written to the NSW Minister for Fair Trading, the Hon Matt Kean, requesting that he also write to the Operators of Land Lease Communities, and remind them of the intent of the NSW Act and of their obligation to comply with legislation as passed by the Parliament. 

The response from the NSW Minister was that we wait until the ACT is reviewed in 2020!

My request is that you assist the thousands of residents, the majority being vulnerable and elderly, who have purchased homes in these communities in NSW, by using your influence to address this issue with the Minister, so that residents can afford to maintain their independence, live a lifestyle without the added stress of  unfair business practices, and be confident that the governance of these communities is protected.

Your assistance would really be appreciated.