Support Children with Autism

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Changes to Ontario Autism program pose challenges to families, therapists and agencies.

Autism is a neurological disorder which is the fastest growing disorder in Canada. Studies say that 1 in  68 children are currently diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder in Canada. 

The Conservative party of Canada announced their new autism plan. Ford Government's new plan for autism never going to help Ontario families because the new funding caps are based on age and income not child's clinical needs. 

The new plan for autism provides,$140,000 to Ontario families for the treatment and therapy of children with autism from the ages of 2 to 18. $20,000 would be in place until the child turns six and it will decrease to $5000 simultaneously. 

The cost of ABA therapy is $75000 annually and when the child need additional support like speech language pathology,occupational therapy, part-time or full-time aid for schools, it can exceed to $125000 annually. Ontario families are worried, frustrated and falling to heavy debts since they are unable to provide support and help for their children. 

It is the time to rise and speak for children with autism.Let us sign this petition and share it until PC government change this plan. Let us be the voice of children.