Let us get control of our streets back

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There is constant talk of "getting control back". Certain MPs are quick to say they listen to the people when it suits them. It is time our elected representatives began to listen to the people of this country on the issues that matter to them.

The silent majority have major concerns of the dangers that now are widespread on the streets of our country and in our homes. These concerns range from fears about burglary, robbery, scams, drug use, knife and gun crime, gang activity, general anti-social behaviour and the fact that many people now drive with complete disregard for the law and other road users.

We are told on the one hand that the government puts more money into controlling crime whereas others in position of authority say that we are losing control. Many of us would argue from what we see that control has not only been lost but given to the criminals.

Please support this petition to let our representatives in Parliament know that we have now had enough and actions need to be taken now. These actions must include:

Immediate increases in the number of police officers available and visible on our streets. 

All crimes to be investigated and not categorised in terms of seriousness.

Penalties to be proportionate to the crime and to act as serious deterrents.

Strict enforcement of road traffic offences with lengthy prison sentences for those driving vehicles they do not own.

Remove any idea of not sending people to prison for less than 12 months. Punish based on the crime not on the availability of prison space.