Landlords to waive 100% Rental, A&P & any Maintenance during Circuit Breaker (CB) Period.

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11 April - Minister K Shanmugan Sc - We are all in this together. If we do not help each other, the entire business ecosystem could crash.

[Quote from Minister K Shanmugan Sc]  We are not anti-landlords.  The SMEs & Individuals are facing a lot of pain.  If they are not helped, the entire business ecosystem could crash.  Morally as well, some of this pain has to be shared.  Landlords have benefitted tremendously from growth, the Government's rational policies, good governance, low taxes in Singapore, and fairness & justice requires that they share some of this pain, rather than leaving it to the smallest and weakest to bear it all. 

Even after the introduction of COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act Provisions, Commercial Tenants (regardless of trade) are still being chased by landlords to make payment for outstanding rental including April.  Even after Tenants filed a Notice of Relief to request for Deferred Rental Payment, landlords are still asking for all outstanding and current rentals (including coming May) to be cleared and installments to start only after June.  Some landlords don’t even reply after receiving the Notice.

The main reason why Tenants filed this Notice of Relief is because they have diffculties as majority of them are unable to open for business as early as 27 March 2020.  Hence, how are the Tenants able to make any rental payments when there is no revenue at all and the only 02 Relief - JSS & FWL Rebates have to be pass on to the employees?  

Only a handful of landlords are willing to use the Property Tax Rebates to offset the current April/May rental. Majority are only willing to split the Rebates over a period of time (which can be as long as 10 months, i.e. 10% per month).  Some are not even responding.  However, as to what is the actual Rebate amount Landlords are receiving, it is not to the privilege of the Tenants.  Tenants can only take what’s given.

In this petition, we are only asking for fair, justice and equality from Landlords.  We are asking for a Full Rental Waiver (including A&P, Maintenance & Service Charge) from the day the businesses are asked to cease operations till the day businesses are allowed to reopen.  

Most landlords argued that they need to continue collecting rental as they have mortgage repayments to the banks.  Please be fair & reasonable.  Landlords own the properties.  Regardless of times, regardless of whether any tenant take up their lease, bank mortgage repayment is a must.  On top of that, in this Circuit Breaker period, landlords are unable to fulfill the lease agreement to allow tenants to use the premises.

During the good times, landlords benefitted thru the ever one-sided Lease Agreement & the ever increasing rental rates year after year, leaving Tenants to either accept or vacate.  

In times like this, it is only right for Landlords to step up to help all the SMEs to brave through this storm.  Otherwise, countless of businesses are going to collapse.  By then, there will be no tenants left to rent the properties.