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Give more funding to the CBC so it can improve its coverage of the Bernie Sanders campaign

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In its coverage of the US Democratic Party leadership race, the CBC has relied heavily on editorial positions of private, corporate owned media networks to inform Canadians of the chances both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have to win their party's leadership race.

As a result, the CBC routinely states "[T]he lopsided delegate count suggests Clinton is on a steady march toward the nomination. Sanders has struggled to broaden his appeal beyond the liberals and young voters attracted to his campaign."

A significant reason for the CBC's reliance on private and corporate media sources for news stories is due to successive government cuts to the CBC's operating budget. As a result, the CBC has had to layoff numerous staff, including numerous journalists and fact checkers.

As a publicly funded broadcaster, the CBC has committed itself to Journalistic Standards and Practices which, among other principles, states:

"The audience must not be incited by CBC program personnel ... to support a particular point of view. Such actions would in effect make the Corporation a party to controversy and would be contrary to the premise that the Corporation takes no editorial position in its programming."

However, after years of reducing the CBC's budget, the Government of Canada has effectively forced the CBC to rely on journalistic practices anathema to its original principles.

While it is unlikely that the CBC will be able to devote its thinly stretched resources to provide accurate and impartial reporting on the current US Democratic Party race, a timely injection of funding will allow it to more fairly cover future stories.

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