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Federal Legislation mandating correct labelling of Genetically Modified Foods

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According to the Truefood website, the labelling of GM foods in Australia is “extremely limited and excludes some of the most basic and universally used ingredients.”"More effective labelling laws for GM foods are needed to protect consumers," said Pelle. 

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, only foods that contain artificially modified DNA or protein need to be labelled. Highly refined GM foods such as sugars and oils and products that have been contaminated with less than one per cent of an approved GM ingredient do not require labelling.  

This means that when you go shopping you essentially at the moment, except for a few responsible companies who have already labelled their products voluntarily that you don't know if you are eating GM foods or organic. Woolworths at least in Queensland doesn't mark what vegetables, fruit, the origin of the country and if it is farmed for fish, and its chicken and beef products other than the organic chicken line if it is GM affected at all. 

It is a matter of health, many diseases currently afflicting Australians are caused by diet, yet we don't have the information on hand that we need to make better choices and not everyone has the space to grow enough food year round in the garden or run their own cattle [to make sure the cattle are not fed GM grain or regularly treated with antibiotics and hormones].

Remember we absorb our nutrients from our food, which means if it is being poisoned we are absorbing poisons, many people are testing positive for all sorts of chemicals in their blood and urine because it is used to either grow or kill foods, or ripen them during transport so we get the best looking food instead of the best quality.

We should be able to choose, but to be able to choose the Federal Government needs to enact strong legislation with penalties that are real for failure to comply for companies that either use GM products to produce their foods such as meats or wheat, or use practices such as early cropping and chemical saturation during transport to ripen foods so we pretty much have access to the same food all year round.

Personally, I would prefer a few months without an apple or pear etc, than for them to be chemically assisted to grow and then sprayed to make them ripe and look pretty by the time they arrive in the store.

What about you?

To know where your shopping location claims to stand up in regards to its labelling go to which covers major retailers, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi etc But you will see that these 'enlightened' practises still leave much of our food unlabeled or labelled incorrectly in relation to this issue or unclear, Woolworths claim that all their own brand stuff is GM free, but make no comment on the beef, lamb and non-organic chicken that they source.

Sign now to insist on CLEAR LABELLING OF ALL PRODUCTS, on the shelves of our supermarkets that are affected in any way by GM contamination. This is a matter of life and death, one of the most common chemicals currently found in the human body that we have absorbed from food products is a modified version of agent orange that is used as a pesticide.

Ask any Vietnam Vet and he will tell you all about how bad a chemical that is, its a known carcinogenic and has killed thousands if not tens of thousands during its wartime application and afterwards. 

I hope that you will support this petition because you are what you eat...really.


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