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Lets change the way we educate children

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The execution of the school curriculum is not yielding the results we want. Or rather the children who enter the education system as happy, inquisitive, self expressed, stress free explorers.. come out as stressed (some don't even survive the stress!), depressed, fearing the education system, with their inquisitiveness and expression throttled.

Teachers are the key stone for any transformation in this sector and the Lever is the teachers capacity building program. 

Having seen this deficit in the system (both in area of parents and teacher education) I gave up my Plush, high paying MNC job and started working with parents and teachers. In the last 8 yeas of research and development and implementation - teachers have created engaging classrooms where children have taken responsibility of their learning. 

The program is about getting to nurture the innate qualities of a child - self expression, self confidence, self esteem, inquisitiveness, exploring ability,  and developing life skills in a child. 

Lets put an end to the era of 'learning without a purpose' / rote learning! 

We, PARENTS, often say, - "we don't have an option but to put our children through the system" - knowing very well the damage they go through. Lets get together and create an option. 

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