Stop the loss of built heritage in our community

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Many heritage-identified buildings have been lost in recent years to rogue developers, planning oversights, in the province of N.L. Now Newfoundland and Labrador’s oldest public building, the Harbour Grace Court House, a National Historic Site makes the top-10 list for endangered Canadian sites. An alternative space has been rented at a cost of $300,000 a year when this money could have gone into the restoration of the court house . The Harbour Grace provincial  court house has been condemned to an uncertain fate.

We need the assurance and protections in this province to prevent the further loss of buildings with identified heritage value. This is something that has been happening for decades and at an accelerated rate in any number of municipalities in recent years.

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Hon. Christopher Mitchelmore Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation to immediately  prevent further erosion of  unique heritage buildings. Contact: 

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