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Dear Mr Dutton

Our family has lost our beautiful sister and brother in law and three children are orphaned as a result of the AAT overturning two decisions made my Department of Immigration.  Once by Michelle Scott in which the promises Kundaraci made were a lie and he overstayed as was the departments concern!  He then somehow managed to stay until 2007 He was to be deported in 2007 and again the AAT overturned that decision as well!  This time by Peter Katsambanis who is now a Minister for Police and Road Safety in Perth! 

Mr Dutton we have been failed so badly by the AATand we want answers!  The tax payer is now footing the bill for a 'poor' 28 year non parole sentence for a man that has abused our system and has cost millions and is still costing because sensible decisions by the department were overturned!  How can this be???

Three children with no parents!  So many broken families because he had more right than us to be here apparently!! 

I want an inquiry to the cost of the AAT and the tax payer deserves answers!  These people need to stop costing us financially and emotionally!

I beg you for a meeting, we have been fighting for four years! When does our pain End???

Yours truly Broken!!!

Maria Aylward and Family