Petition for the investigation of Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Victorian Minister for Health

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Petition for the investigation of Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Victorian Minister for Health

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Truth Library started this petition to The Hon Anthony David LP Hawthorn Smith (Speaker of the house of Representatives) and

If you support a thorough investigation into

  • the corrupt behaviour of Minister Jill Hennessy
  • her involvement with known hate groups who set out to demonise those in the pro-choice community as well as the intimidation of Natural Therapy practitioners,
  • the No Jab, No Play and the Health Complaints Legislation fast tracked by Minister Hennessy in parliament

Then  please sign this petition and ask others to do the same.

The Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy recently launched a massive media campaign which vilified those in the pro-choice vaccination community, calling them “vile” and shaming their behaviour for allegedly bullying, harassing and threatening her via Twitter. The story was covered by every prominent radio, television, print and online news site across the country however we now know that the story was completely fabricated.

Minister Hennessy, her staff and Peter Tierney (aka Reasonable Hank) who regularly intimidates, harasses and threatens pro-choice individuals as well as health professional who are supportive of medical freedom, set out to vilify a portion of the electorate, including parents of vaccine-injured children, as part of an ongoing arsenal of bullying tactics to scare and silence dissenting voices but worse still, to incite hatred towards them. A detailed investigation with irrefutable evidence on the lies told by Minister Hennessy can he found here.

The Minister has a responsibility to meet and listen to the State’s electorate, to hear the voices of the vaccine injured and to debate the questions surrounding vaccination however Ms Hennessy refuses to diligently or honestly attend to her duties as health minister. Instead she works with and supports the heinous operations of known hate group, Stop the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network (SAVN) and in particular, Peter Tierney.  She also publicly condones stalking and intimidation by supporting individuals and organisations which are menacing members of the public and inciting fear and creating divisiveness within the community. On 29/10/16, the Minister liked a tweet by PG who has created a list of “rabid” individuals advocating medical freedom. P suggests reporting the individuals on his list to the police and indicates that he has the exact address of some of the individuals if anyone wishes to take matters further. The Minster has demonstrated outrageous disregard for her role as a minister by aligning herself with such illegal activities.  P has since amended his website following reports to the federal police who were concerned about the nature of his intimidating blog and Minister Hennessy has since tried to hide her ‘like’ of the tweet however P has already indicated his encouragement by her behaviour. Refer to the link for details on PG and screen shots of Minister Hennessy’s association.

Advice from current serving members of the Legislative Council has indicated that Minister Hennessy also did not follow due process in implementing No Jab, No Play and the Health Complaints Legislation which both support a pharmaceutical agenda to remove freedom of choice in medical procedures and restrict the access of natural medicine to the public. We also demand a full investigation into her involvement in fast tracking these bills through parliament.

Minister Hennessy has proven herself to be incompetent biased Member of Parliament with a callous disregard for those in the Victorian Electorate whose beliefs differ from her own pharmaceutical favoured opinion.  We demand a full investigation into the corruption of the Minister who has wasted tax-payer dollars in order to further her own agenda. Our preference would be that she is stood down, effective immediately until a thorough investigation can be carried out.

If you would like to see a Health Minister who supports open unbiased discussion into the best medical and natural therapies options for you and your family, please sign this petition and ask others to do the same. We have already lodged a complaint about Minister Hennessy to the Corruption Commission and will also be lodging a formal complaint to the media watch dog for the medias lack of due diligence in verifying the facts of the fabricated tweets story. You signature on this petition will show current serving members of parliament that an immediate investigation into Minister Hennessy’s behaviour is warranted.

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This petition had 2,016 supporters

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