I don’t support the commercialisation of wild Tasmanian fallow deer

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Currently in Tasmania there is a push to introduce the commercialisation of Wild Tasmanian Deer.

If this occurred it would destroy the the local Tasmanian deer farmers businesses and livelihoods, they have worked hard and invested considerable capital and incur running costs in order to supply consistently top quality venison to the market. 

Commercialisation of Wild Tasmania deer would deliver an inconsistent, and inferior venison product to the market and totally destroy the local free range deer farmers Quality Venison Product, one which is currently high valued and respected by top chefs and consumers alike.

We don’t want to see road kill served at the restaurant, you simply can’t harvest a sheep in the paddock and expect sell it for consumption and wild deer should be no different. Say no to commercialisation of Wild Tasmanian Deer.

Some even claim thousands of deer are simply dumped, however no hard evidence is ever produced, it’s a lie.

Commercialisation of wild deer would also lead to a demise in deer hunting, destroying much needed economic benefits to regional and rural communities and supporting businesses, let alone the health benefits and destruction to a traditional pastime.

Conservation hunting works, most properties have effective deer management plans and it works in deer management, commercialisation of wild deer is not animal management it’s a step towards eradication of a highly valued game species.

This push to commercialise wild fallow deer for personal profit must be stopped, it’s something we should not support and we call on the government and the minister to stop this from happening.