End Deadly 6-Month Wait for Transplant in All Canadian Provinces and Territories

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When my husband Mark desperately needed a liver transplant, our health system failed him. Right now, a discriminatory policy means a 6-month wait is imposed on Canadian patients with liver failure caused by alcohol use disorder. Many patients that need a liver transplant do not have this kind of time.

Just 17 days after being told he urgently needed a transplant, Mark passed away from liver failure. I had offered to give my husband part of my own liver, but we were refused the surgery because of the 6-month sobriety rule.

Sadly, my story is not uncommon; almost 5 Canadians die every day from alcohol-associated liver disease, most never even assessed for liver transplant.

The 6-month wait rule is not supported by medical research; in fact, evidence suggests alcoholic liver-disease patients fare as well as others - even without the arbitrary half-year of sobriety.

After Mark’s death - and without legal assistance - I lodged a constitutional challenge in Ontario. As a result, Ontario will soon halt the 6-month wait rule to implement a 3-year pilot program that assesses all patients, without an alcohol-free period. The trial will begin in August.

While this is a huge and exciting step forwards, it’s not enough. The rest of Canada’s liver transplant centres will continue to apply the 6-month wait, letting their own patients with alcohol use disorder die, ending lives that could be saved. All patients deserve universal health care, and we need all provinces to participate in the pilot program.

Sign this petition to demand FEDERAL and PROVINCIAL action to stop this horrendous and deadly policy. We must expand the pilot program Canada-wide. We will not stop until every Canadian is listed for liver transplant under the same waitlist criteria. 

If you can chip in $1, $2, $5, all donations will support our continuous fight for equality and ongoing support for families! 

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