Save the Federation of Australian Historical Societies before it is too late

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email Josh Frydenberg Minister for Environment & Energy to continue our funding

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The Federation of Australian Historical Societies Council is profoundly disappointed to inform the 100,000 members and 1000 community/volunteer historical and heritage societies and museums across Australia whom we represent, that after at least thirty years the Commonwealth government will no longer support the FAHS or other forms of voluntary community heritage. In the current round of budget talks neither the Minister nor the department is willing to find ways to support our sector.

The implications for FAHS are disastrous. We are already trimming staff hours and are abandoning some of the projects that we had planned for 2018. While we are determined that FAHS will live and work on, we are not sure what functions of the FAHS can be saved. Unless there is a change of heart or an alternative source of funding can be found, the organisation will be severely diminished and most functions closed.

The FAHS welcomes any community support that you can offer, both as societies and as individuals. We believe that Minister Frydenberg (Minister for Environment & Energy, 695 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124) should be informed of the valuable work of the FAHS, both directly and through your local federal MP, and urged to renew the funding.