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Are you leaving enough water for us to survive?

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“We have not inherited the land from our fathers, we have borrowed it from our children.” -  Dennis J. Hall

We are 8th grade students from Bangalore. While researching on the rain water harvesting for our science project, we came to know that as per Central Water Commission, 80% of Karnataka is already drought prone, and it will only get worse with time. Today, the population of Bangalore is approximately 1.10 crores but BBMP has water enough for only half of it!

To prevent any further water crisis, the Government of Karnataka made a law for Bangalore to ensure rainwater harvesting in all houses bigger than 1200 sq.ft. Probably for provision of flexibility, the law omits to specify which strategy of rainwater harvesting: Groundwater Recharge or Rainwater Storage.

This leaves a loophole open for exploitation - allowing us to just build the minimum size of tanks for Rainwater “Storage”. As a result, rest (almost all), of rainwater continues as runoff. This neither enables effective storage of rainwater for consumption nor help increase the water table through Groundwater Recharge. This continues to burden already stressed freshwater reservoirs.

Did you know that Cauvery water is pumped through a height of 500m against gravity over a distance of 100 kms; it takes 71MW of electricity and Rs 21 crores each month to treat and transport this water to our homes, while we can grow our own water by effective storage and recharge! Also, are you aware that we pay ₹6 for every 1000 litres of water whereas the government spends ₹35 for the same ?

All this is our tax money!

Due to rapid urbanisation, percolation of rain water into the sub-soil has decreased drastically and natural recharging of groundwater has diminished. Increase in population has put additional strain on these ground water resources. If every home installs a recharge pit/well, then the level of groundwater will rise. This will result in reduced dependency and burden on the government, and our tax money can be used for other purposes.

40 % of Bangalore is dependent on groundwater and it is unsustainable to pump out water from wells without recharging the same.  In the last ten years, as we all know the groundwater table has fallen drastically in most areas of Bangalore. To reverse this trend, groundwater recharge need to be taken up in large scale at residential and institutional buildings.

As citizens of this country, we urge you to sign and share this petition to request the Honorable Minister for Water Resources and Urban Development  to amend the law to make Groundwater Recharge compulsory for every building more than 1200 sq. ft. This provision will avoid rainwater runoff to a large extent, reducing burden on freshwater reservoirs.

Support the cause for a better, wetter future!

Sign this petition and ask the Government of Karnataka to make groundwater recharge pits mandatory.

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