Remove Oversize Vehicle Pilot Video – Audit Regime from HVS 19-2019

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I petition the Minister for Transport WA to remove the Oversize Vehicle Pilot Video – Audit Regime completely.


I and the Australian Pilot Vehicle Drivers Association (APVDA) are aware that the Oversize Vehicle Pilot Video – Audit Regime (OVPV) was developed due to complaints made by WALGA to the Minister regarding infrastructure damage not being reported by OSV.

The industry is quite aware that this is caused by a select few who represent less than 1% of all Drivers & Pilots.

The OVPV forces Pilots to become defacto compliance monitors and creates an unsafe as well as a punitive workplace.

It is unsafe as the Pilot is now compelled to monitor for breaches as well as maintaining the ongoing planning for safety and movement of the Public around the Over Size Vehicle (OSV).

If the Pilot is distracted when damage has been caused and an audit video then shows there was damage done then the Pilot receives an infringement and/or loss of licence.

It is financially punitive in that Pilots have to purchase and maintain a recording device to MRWA standards, a library of media and a register. Every time an audit is triggered it is estimated that the cost to the Pilot is in excess  of $200.00 to present 1 video in a format determined by MRWA.

The OVPV is ambiguous in that it is open to any interpretation by an individual compliance officer and this would expose the Pilot to a penalty which the Pilot then has to have overturned in a Court of law at their expense.

The whole Pilot industry Australia wide is concerned that MRWA has for some time now implemented changes that are viewed to be extremely negative. All changes have been done without ANY involvement of professional Pilots considering it directly affects their workplace and financial livelihood. Pilots are independent contractors and with these changes MRWA has done to the Pilot industry, it is reasonable to expect that MRWA has a responsibility towards the cost of required equipment and a payment upon request for such audit videos as may be requested.

“Code of Conduct: Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence: Heavy Vehicle Pilots perform an essential safety and support role on the road, by facilitating the safe and efficient movement of Oversize and/or Overmass vehicles.”