Free transport for all school students

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I want transport to be free for all school students. At the moment kindergarten to year two ( 4 to 7 yrs) can catch the bus, with no limits free of charge. However distance in a straight line, prevents a child in years three (7yrs old) from catching free transport if it is 1.6 klms or less! This criteria means that a 7 year old can walk to school. This means that if you have a child in kindergarten, and a child in year three, then the kindergartener can catch the bus and the child in year three can not! The criteria does not take into consideration that the direct distance might not be an option, or that the route the child needs to take is a busy street, or that their is no crossing to get to the road the school is on!

The reason for this criteria is cost cutting on the Governments part. I think that the idea, that a 7 year old can walk to school 1.6 klms on a busy street is not a very good idea on the Governments part! Please sign my petition, so that every child can have access to a bus and get to school saftely!