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QLD State Government review of Tolling System in QLD

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The tolling system in QLD is setup in such a way not to benefit the QLD public but only to benefit a private company and is in desperate need of review. Methods of how to pay, use of government and police powers to enforce many Queenslanders are being extorted for using the toll roads by way of exorbitant late/non-payment fees.

Can you imagine if your phone bill payment was late or your credit card bill payment was late and the police sent you an order stating pay your bill or lose your license or worse, go to jail? This may sound a little extreme but it is exactly what is happening since the automated tolling system has come into practice. To top it all off, the company in question Transurban is on the list of companies who made profits in the Billions and paid none of it back to the Australian government as taxes

On a personal note, I was sent bills totaling around $15K that I was forced to pay or lose my lively hood and my ability to run my business. I feel that I have been extorted by my own government who is supposed to be protecting it's citizens from such situations, on behalf of a private company who pays no taxes back into the community

I would like to see Minister for Transport and Main Roads Hon Mark Bailey review the tolling system in it's entirety whilst listening to public submissions for change. Please sign my petition if you have had unfair dealings with QLD tolls or know of someone who has had unfair dealings with the tolling system

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