Drop all climate change policies

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"Climate change" is an imaginary crisis.  Policies for the mitigation or elimination of it have hurt and cost us dearly, but will hurt much more over the decade to come.

There is zero evidence that man's CO2 emissions have changed, or are changing, the climate in any measurable way.  For most of earth's history, CO2 levels have been well above those of today, but life thrived.

The "climate change" cause is socialism masquerading as environmentalism.  Don't believe the "97% of scientists" line, it comes from a bogus survey designed to create the illusion of consensus.  The true figure appears to be well under 50%.

"Climate change" policies have already put thousands out of work, increased electricity prices and sent industries overseas.  Our elderly are dying during winter because electricity has become so expensive, they can't afford to turn on their heaters.