Make Junk Mail opt-in

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As I walked down my street this afternoon, I saw junk mail that had blown out of people's mail boxes into gardens and the gutter. It's not the first time, as if you walk through the nearby park you see this all the time. In most households, I suspect there is a quick read (if the catalogs are read at all) before going into the bin. We have the Spam Act 2003, which (mostly, with some exceptions) limits electronic marketing communications to items that you have consented to receive (source:

Why after all this time and waste, do we still need to opt out of receiving junk mail in our post boxes?  Minister for the Environment - please create Federal Legislation that requires an "opt-in" system for junk mail. Those who do find it useful can ask to receive it, and there will be fewer catalogs produced (reducing waste) and less rubbish on our streets and in our environment.