No one needs a plastic straw! Take a small step today for a better future for all.

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No one needs a plastic. People are quite capable of drinking out of a cup or glass, or directly from a tap. A plastic straw takes 200 years to biodegrade... and then it’s a micro plastic that finds its way into everything! 

Whilst the global leaders debate climate change, what should and shouldn’t be done, we are destroying our surroundings. Plastic is in our oceans, rivers, streams and lakes. Plastic is in your food... think about it, when last did you go through a day without coming into contact with plastic? A plastic straw takes over two hundred, yes 200, years to biodegrade! 

Be part of a citizen initiative, be a tiny part of what could be a massive change. You simply have to agree to banning all plastic straws. How will your life change, well it won’t, but you’ll have a humongous impact on the environment! The politicians can continue their debates and arguments, but you can know that you’ve made one tiny change that will go a long way to improving things. 

Signing this petition costs you nothing, won’t impact your daily life however you’ll be par5 of helping the world and Mother Nature restore herself!