Change of Assurance of Support Legislation of contributory Parent Visa petition

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The amendment

 On 26 March 2018, the Minister for Social Service Dan Tehan has introduced a legislative instrument to amendment the financial criteria for Assurance of Support in which all Australian Citizens and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their overseas parents to come to Australia under 143 Contributory Parent visa program have to meet.

Under current new requirement, the taxable income for sponsor will almost double compared with previous one, and the years required to meet the requirement has increased from 2 years to 3 years.Such as 1 adult assurer to provide assurance for 1 parent has to be at least $58,860.94 annually(previous required amount only a little bit over $30000). And assurer has married or has a de facto partner the income requirement will be significantly increased to $88,291.41 annually regardless of whether or not this partner or spouse is willing to be jointly included into the assurance of support.

 Who will be affected by this amendment?

 All Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who have parents overseas are or will be affected in following ways:

You will be required for higher taxable income, different from assessable income, which means you cannot exercise your legitimate rights to claim a tax deduction to legally minimise your taxation burden

You will face much more higher taxable income requirements if you have a spouse or de facto partner, especially when you have at least one child and your spouse or partner is resigned and taking care of your child at home

You will be affected if you have already lodged a 143 visa application for your parents and you may not satisfy the new income requirements as it almost doubled up the previous requirement


Our demands

 We demand that the new amendment to AoS income requirement to strike down by the Federal Parliament

We demand that the AoS income requirement to be restored to the previous standard in which is calculated base on the Newstart allowance payment amount instead of Newstars income cut-off amount

Or at least, we demand a transitional policy to be imposed which allow all  AoS Assurer for 143/864 visa applicants that have lodged their application for a 143/864 visa before 1 April 2018 to be subject to the previous income requirement criteria for AoS.

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