Traffic Controllers to remain safe on our roads

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As traffic controllers we stand on the road day and night. We have our signage we have the staff but we do not have the public’s attention. We get abused and ridiculed for doing our job. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We want more safety precautions, more public awareness and harsher penalties. We are here to keep the public and the road workers safe we are not here to be run over or abused or threatened, we are not here to have items thrown at us, we are not here to be ignored.

At the end of the day everybody’s in a rush to get to and from work. Slowing down will not kill you it will bring you to your destination safer.

We can’t create tomorrows Sydney without disruptions but we ask for understanding and patience. All it takes is 2 seconds of inattention for someone to be seriously injured or killed.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Let’s take a stand